1st Phase of Purification

  • September 20, 2015

The 7 Phases of Purification towards 19th Year of the Covenant of Love (7 Paghakbang ng Pagpapaningas para sa ika-labing siyam na taon ng Tipan ng Agape) were launched once again this year. It is a yearly activity of the church to lead the brethren to walk perfect in the eyes of God. 7 Phases of Purification has started in 1996. Thus, for almost 18 years it has been a culture to the Most Holy Church to do these 7 Phases of Purification. This church activity is being held in the different areas of the Philippines, headed by the 7 Bishops the Church, The 7 representatives to lead the 7 phases, and the brethren of the church.


The 1st phase of purification was successfully held last Gabay (September) 20, 2015, in Sakop Uzziah (Valenzuela City), and attended by the 7 bishops and the brethren of the church. One of the most important parts of this activity is to hear the message of God through His instruments primarily the 7 Bishops of the Church. One of the bishops of the Church delivered the sermon entitled “I AM” under its theme “HERE I AM”. It is the message in the 1st Phase of Purification towards 19th year of the Covenant of Love. (Unang Paghakbang sa Ika-labing siyam na taon ng Tipan ng Agape).


The main focus of the sermon is to know the reason of our steps (mga paghakbang). As stated in the sermon “We can say that the 7 phases of purification that we are doing, are 7 steps towards spiritual maturity and spiritual victory”. It is our aim to reach the condition of being one completely with the Father. As stated by the instrument of God in this sermon.


“Victory ang maging kalagayan o kalarawan ng Dios!” ( It is a victory to be a God’s likeness”)


The message of the 1st step of purifications is all about the steps of Jesus Christ. God Himself makes the first step and created it that it should be the basis of our steps.


In the first part of the sermon it was shown and emphasize the essence of saying “NARITO AKO” (I AM HERE) that means “Our whole self is committed and ready to serve. As it is written in 2Ti 2:21 Those who make themselves clean from all those evil things, will be used for special purposes, because they are dedicated and useful to their Master, ready to be used for every good deed. Which is one of the characteristics of a soldier of God. The very essence of this verse is to present ourselves to God who is ready whatever God will ask us to do.


It was exemplified in the middle of the sermon that we should be like Isaiah who is always ready whenever the Lord asks “Whom shall I send? Saying “I will go! Send me!” and as of saying ““Narito ako Panginoon o “Pag-utusan mo ako, Panginoon”. Here I am Lord, cammand me, Lord”. It means that whatever God wants us to do, as brethren we are ready to follow and obey His will especially to the primary servants (Mahanaim) of God. He is ready to be sent in other places, and devoted to his ministry.


As the sermon continues, the message of God gives the brethren a clear vision vision of His Covenant to the Church which is also the covenant of God to Abraham. Called the “Covenant of Multiplication”. This covenant were first made to Abraham, next to Isaac. This covenant were sealed by God, and this covenant is eternal. Since we became sons of Abraham in spirit, we are now attached to His eternal Covenant – the Covenant of Love. For us to claim this Covenant we should walked perfectly before God. Like Abraham did, and the apostles like Apostle Paul, who sacrifices his wealth and reputation just to serve God. And doing what is not only good things he likes to do, but, the things God asks wants him to do even though he will sacrifice a lot of things. As christians, we have to live and keeps the Christian Principles ; He who endures to the end shall be saved, God before man, and sacrifice everything in honor of the Lord. In everything we should do, should give glory or pleasure to God. By doing it according to his faith, doing it with devotion and commited on it. We should be “GANAP” ( Gawain ay Nagagampanan at Pinakapupuspos) or PERFECT in the eyes of God. It means that we should fulfill our work and we should do it to the fullest.


The last part of the sermon teaches us that we should live in Agape (Love) for us to become a “delight “in the eyes of God. And to do that, we have to possess a strong desire to give the truth of what is being asked in saying “I AM HERE”. We should live in the MOST HOLY FAITH in God, the head of the Covenant. And it was reiterated that, we shoud tell the truth with love. We should love the LORD our God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds as it s written in Mat.22:37. God wants us to offer a man, the soul. He wants us to dedicate our lives to Him. If we say that we had given our lives to the Lord. You are saying “ I AM HERE”. The love of God means he is keeping / obeying the commandments of God. If we are not keeping His commandments, our love is not true. To love God is to serve God that We should love without seeking anything in return. The last statements in his sermon, he uttered the words “Brothers and sisters, let us keep the will of God, we and our family will possess the commitment under the Covenant of Agape, if we are doing our parts with all our hearts, our souls, and in our minds in the Covenant.

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