2016 Year End Annual Thanksgiving

  • February 6, 2017

The year 2016 was proclaimed as the “Acceptable Year of the Lord” by the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus. In this year, the Almighty God had blessed the Church through His prosperous and truthful teachings that gave the brethren the peacefulness in living by serving the Lord. The deeds – faith, hope, and love – that please the Lord were painstakingly taught by the Church Administration for the brethren to live by.

As the year 2016 ended, the whole church did not forget to fulfill its pledge of having the annual thanksgiving to the Lord which was held on the 30th of December 2016 at the Ynares Center in Antipolo, Rizal. The said event was highly anticipated by all brethren, particularly in Luzon. In fact, the preparations that were being made by each brothers and sisters became the topic in different places.

Sacred offerings of psalms were presented by the Agape Choir, The New Jerusalem Choir, Manna Choirs of different sectors, Choir of Zion, Kapisanang Alpha Omega (youth organization), and all officers who make up the different provincial divisions. The performers gave their all in practicing to showcase each wondrous presentation to the brethren, and most of all, to the Lord on Thanksgiving Day.

It event started with Sikap Mishal (A prayer done during the 3rd hour) wherein the whole brethren offered a prayer to thank for the day and to ask for guidance during the whole gathering. Afterwards, the Praise God Band performed songs of worship to help each and every one’s minds and spirits to focus on the event.

The program officialy began at seven in the morning. The event-goers were serenaded by the Agape Choir and Manna Choirs with their soulful singing. They were followed by the Choir of Zion’s along with selected youths from the sector of Chenanaiah (Provinces of Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales) and as they were singing, the council of Presbyters entered and walked through the aisle as well as the Seven Bishops preceded by General Bishop, MP Hiel.


At that moment, the General Bishop read the Words of Praise to the Almighty God that really went through the hearts of everyone. Their spirits were further uplifted through a prayer led by one of the Bishops, Elder Zurishaddai.

It was indeed a profound occasion that aroused the burning faith in each hearts. What made them more enlightened were the words of God that was delivered by MP Hiel.


The consecrated teachings served as a preparation for the oncoming year that is declared to be the year of “Perfecting Holiness”. It was also a great destiny to be called in the Most Holy Church even before the beginning (Divine Election). They were chosen for them to be cleansed and be holy (Justification) and because they were made holy, they must continue on doing good deeds as it was the life destined by Him (Sanctification). If these are all met, God will reward them with an incomparable award (Glorification). The teachings of our General Bishop were clearly delivered with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all went home contented and their souls filled.

That same day, a Singaporean brother, Brother Anthony D’Cruz, was ordinated as a preacher. It was expected that he would be a great help to the Church’s activities and propagation of the Gospel in Singapore.

Elder Sear Jasub led the Intercessory Prayer which marked the end of the fruitful thanksgiving event. Forgiveness for all the sins and shortcomings and hope for cure, healthy body, peace, prosperity, and mostly, strong faith in God were asked through the prayer to become the right and deserving tool in preaching the gospel.

Overall, the annual thanksgiving gave hope and steadfast faith to the brethren for they realized that God stays true to His promises to the Church. Hence, all brothers and sisters were ready for the New Year that was awaiting them and new challenges that they will conquer for the glory of God, who is Christ Jesus – all in the name of perfecting holiness.

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