2nd Phase of Purification

  • September 27, 2015

The 2nd Phase of Purification was successfully held last Gabay (September) 27, 2015, in Lucena City and attended by the seven bishops and brethren of the Church. A part of this program is God’s message through the preaching of one of the bishops of the Church. The sermon is entitled “NARITO AKO, DAHIL AKO’Y AKO (I AM HERE, BECAUSE I AM under its theme “SISIDLAN NG AWA” (Vessels of Mercy”.


The main focus of the sermon is the ESSENCE OF THE COVENANT, which is the LOVE OF GOD. As it is written in Jeremiah 3:31 The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you. This love is not an ordinary love that every people know, love of God is everlasting. God sacrificed Himself, God gave us His great love, and we are attached to the Covenant, because He sacrificed His own life.


According to the sermon, we should keep the love of God, and we should let our lives to be sacrificed also by doing the will of the Lord. And we, as Christians, if we sacrifice ourselves to the Lord, we will become “Vessels of Mercy” because of God’s grace we became sons of God. Because He gave His own life for us, it should be seen to us that we are walking in His will. We should confide in our ministry. One of the questions in the sermon that we should reciprocate is how important it is in the heart of the Lord to sacrifice His life for us. It is very important, we were redeemed by His blood, are value has no equal, like Gold with the highest appraisal. Let us keep our faith and life for this is very important in the eyes of God.


As the sermon continues, it was clearly stated in the message of God’ that we are His only treasure. Mal 3:17 and we have to see that, we are chosen by God amongst those rich people, skilled and smart and beyond their abilities to become richer in faith and shame the wise. This verse exemplified that we should be proud of because we are appointed and chosen by Him, to exalt His greatness and Holiness. It is also mentioned that God doesn’t show partiality to His mercy to anyone. Another question that we should reflect and answer is what should not be seen on us as servants? We are not living in love; we are not doing our part in the body of Christ. We were chosen, we were appointed, and therefore we should offer our lives to God as a living sacrifice for this is pleasing in the eyes of God.


In the last part of the message, a question were asked for all of us, Now that we are chosen and appointed by the Lord, what is the fate that God prepared for us that He loved? We became “vessels of mercy” and it’s because of His mercies and compassion. And if we are doing our ministry, our commission, His promises will be bestowed upon us. It is our obligation and responsibility to exalt the Honor and Righteousness of the Lord. And we were reminded at the part of the sermon that we should do our ministry honestly and with sincerity. God promised us to bear much fruits and we will keep on bearing if we are doing our obligations to Him. As stated in Matthew 22:14 “Many are called but few are chosen”. Now, this is the right time for us to change our lives, leave the old nature of the flesh and willingly fulfilling his duty with happiness to the Lord. It was also uttered in the last statements of the instrument of God in this sermon that we should offer THM (Tanging Handog na Misyunin), help and care our Ministers in proclaiming God’s greatness. The sermon ended with the words “I am Here” I will preach the words of God.


The program ended with a closing prayer followed by the acceptance of blessing from God, through the General Bishop.

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