3rd Phase of Purification

  • October 4, 2015

The 3rd phase of purification was successfully held last October (Sakdal) 04, 2015, in the Province of Bataan, and attended by the seven bishops and brethren of the Church. A part of this program is God’s message through the preaching of one of the bishops of the Church. The sermon is entitled “AKO AY IKAW RIN”(YOU AND I ARE THE SAME) under its theme “SA KAMAY NG DIOS”(IN GOD’S HANDS” which aims to teach the importance of knowing how important we are with each other.


The main focus of the sermon is to know the importance, of “Who I am for you and Who You are in my life”


The sermon aims to deepen our understanding of how each one of us is very important to one another. As Christians and a member of the church, we have to see the importance of being one in the eyes of God.


We are called by God in the Church, the MOST HOLY CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. We are not different to each other as stated in Gal. 3:28 “So there is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, between slaves and free people, between men and women; you are all one in union with Christ Jesus. We are equal to each other; we are not different from each other, we are one, there is no difference with Christ, so we are the same. Do not look to any brothers or sisters that he/she is different from them whether they are rich or poor, professionals or not, successful or not, it is wrong to think that way. This is the very essence of the 3rd phase of purification, to see that you and he/she are the same.


It was also exemplified and that as brethren we should live in Christ, since we are the same, we should all serve the only and one God.


In the next part of the sermon, the sermon teaches us not to question the Lord God why He made us like this, in our present condition, why they are our parents, why I am not rich, why I am poor, why I am like this, we can’t not also choose who will be our parents, we can’t choose the people who will be on our side. This is what the Lord wants for us. Instead of asking this questions, give thanks to Him because He made you, I, them, us, so much especial.


Now that we are one in the eyes of God, the big question that we have to answer according to the sermon is what is our obligation that we ought to do? It is our duty to serve God, serve Him faithfully with all our hearts, minds and souls. It was also mentioned in the sermon that as brethrens, temptations, problems, sacrifices are part of being a Christian and a son of God. It was happening to each one of us, you might ask why it was happening to us. The answer is to purify us, bring us unto perfection. That’s why we are doing these 7 phases of purification. God gave us temptations, problems that we could bear, for every temptations we had, God is there to help us, because He gave us on how to overcome this temptations.


In the last part of the sermon, It was instructed the brethren not to fear / scared for the trials, test, temptations that will come along his way because the Lord is His guidance. God wants us to be perfect! For what reason, if we are perfect, whatever trials, situation you have, you are ready to face it and will overcome it. So, the sermon wants us to feel the presence and guidance of God in what we do in our lives. Now the sermon reiterated that what should the brethren keep as a son of God? We are in the hands of God, everyone is safe and secured in the lake of fire forever, so being a brother or a sister in the church, whoever is strong, help his/ her brethren who are sick and weak in their faith. God is our strength; let us help each other to reach perfection.


The program ended with the acceptance of the blessings through the bishops of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus.

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