4th Phase of Purification

  • October 11, 2015

The fourth Phase of Purification was successfully held last SAKDAL (October) 11, 2015, in Batangas City and attended by the seven bishops and brethren of the Church. A part of this program is God’s message through the preaching of one of the bishops of the Church. The sermon is entitled “An Offering For You”. The sermon is relevant to the theme of fourth step of purification which is: “I Am Your Travel Companion”.


The main focus of the sermon is the COVENANT OF LOVE bestowed by the almighty God to His chosen nation. Through His covenant to us, He promised us that He will not forsake us instead He will love us eternally. The Lord God showed us how to love purely and without discrimination, thus, it is worthy that we should also reciprocate God’s love through our brethren. Based from the first book of John 5: 3, “For our love for God means that we obey His commands”. It was also explained that we should obey God’s commandments in His Church– which is the pillar of truth. Yes, the true Church is proclaiming the truth! The Church is preaching that our real citizenship is not from this world, but from heaven. Since we are only sojourners in this world, we experience a lot of sufferings… And the Lord God is guiding us that amidst these sufferings, we, brethren should love one another. We cannot expect the world to love us, instead they will hate and persecute us, and therefore, under God’s covenant of Love, we have to love each other.


In 1 John 3: 16, the kind of love that we should show is the love exemplified by the Lord Jesus Christ, in which, He gave His life to save us, to save the world. A kind of love that even enemies and haters should be loved– a love that is willing to sacrifice one’s life for the sake of his brother. We should also be prepared to give our life to our brethren; we should not love our own life, instead, we should be ready to give for the sake of others. Thus, a brother cannot be without you and you cannot be without a brother! If the people can see that our love with each other is fervent, they can have the desire to join us in our Church. We need to love each other for this will be a manifestation of the Lord’s love to all people.


Based from Ecclesiastes 4: 9- 10, it is better that we have a brother whom we call a travel companion or a fellow traveler for it is very dangerous and sad if we are alone. The Bible explains that if we have a travel companion, someone will lift us if we stumble, someone will protect us if we are conformed to this world. One can have strength, the other one can have knowledge, if the two will be together, and this shows a good force. A very good example of this kind of relationship that we should follow is the love of Jonathan and David for each other. Because of their love for each other, they made a strong covenant or agreement; they bound and included their souls to each other. Under the covenant of Agape, we should love our travel companion like the way we love ourselves. To portray this love, I should not become a burden to you neither you are to me. Instead, we should help each other in proclaiming God’s will.


In Philippians 1: 25- 26, and like a brother, to his travel companion, that his steps toward progress should also be the progress of the other one, likewise to each other, one will take care of his steps like one to another, he will take care of his steps progressing for the sake of the other one. This proclaims that our peace is in the Lord Jesus Christ!


The last part of the sermon teaches us that there is no other good thing that we should do but to strengthen our will if there are shortcomings in our life. Through the power of Holy Spirit dwelling in us, we can overcome whatever are those. We can overcome or surpass easily all things through Him who loves us. We are more than a conqueror! Nobody can separate us from the love of Christ.

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