5th Phase of Purification

  • October 18, 2015

The 5th phase of purification was held in San Isidro Elementary School in Taytay, Rizal last Sakdal (October) 18, 2015. Though the weather seemed unfavorable because of the storm Lando, the fifth phase of purification (ika-limang paghakbang ng pagpapaningas) towards the 19th Anniversary of the Covenant of Love (Tipan ng Agape) with a theme “Ang Pito ay Isa” (The Seven is One) were still successful.


This 5th phase of Purification was totally full of blessings because of the rain caused by storm Lando, regardless of the storm, the brethren of the church didn’t hinder themselves join and witness the 5th phase of purification. It’s blessing for the brethren because this year’s church activity was full of hope and victory to the church, wherein there are a lot of victories happens within this year.


As always, sermon has been already part in the different activities of the church like worship, thanksgiving, and with this kind of activity. The sermon for the 5th phase of purification is entitled: “THE SEVEN ARE ONE” – (ANG PITO AY ISA) which leads the brethren in the idea under its theme “MAY TALI NG AGAPE” “There is a bond of Love”.


The church was thankful to the Most High God for giving them the primary servants of the church the 7 bishops who really represents the sermon “THE SEVEN ARE ONE”. One of the bishops delivered the sermon. He described and clearly stated the reasons why God signed the “Covenant of Love”. And the reason was, we were separated from Christ therefore we are not covered by the covenant that has a promised, hope and care from the Lord. It was fully stated in the sermon that anyone who will be covered by the covenant of Love will be forgiven and whatever sins we have has been forgotten by God. That is why He appeared unto us saying, I loved you with an everlasting love as it is written in Jeremiah 31:3.


Because of the love of God, the brethren were asked what should be the result of the covenant of love for us brethren in our relationship. It was emphasized in the sermon that the brethren should be united in all aspect because God destroyed the wall that separates us from God because of sin now, (Efe. 2:14,16) we receive the peace and salvation. The perfect unity in the church is because of forgiving eternally. The message of God clearly dictates forgiveness has no limits, to others especially to our brothers and sisters in spirit.


“Gaano man kabigat o kagaan ang kasalanan ng kapatid…maging handa tayo na magpatawad upang maging ganap,” (No matter how much our brother’s sins are…let us be ready to forgive for us to be perfect. Love is the bond of perfection that builds peace in the love of the brothers and sisters. It was stated in the sermon that “Walang limitasyon ang pagpapatawad natin sa kapatid,”. As Jesus commanded everyone “to love one another” John 13:34.


As for how we can easily forgive, is to consider love (Agape) in all our decisions. Of course, love always comes with humility and sacrifices but that’s how it works. To love is to forgive. That is one of the essences of the sermon. In the last part of the sermon, these words should manifest to the brethren of the church to spread love, make one another ministry and the 7 bishops should diligently be united for the sake of ultimate oneness as truth that there is one spirit and one act according to their own gifts (ministry).

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