Power Point No. 346

December 2018

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. (Ephesians 1:3 NIV) Focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave us an example of how to live our life victoriously. As Children of God, we can see our … Continue reading Power Point No. 346

Power Point No. 345

December 2018

I am the one you should fear and respect. I am the holy God, the LORD All-Powerful! (Isaiah 8:13 CEV) We should give thanks to our Lord God every day of our lives. The life that we have right now is a gift from Him. He created us with the best of intentions. Know that … Continue reading Power Point No. 345

Power Point No. 344

December 2018

As they shouted, “Holy, holy, holy, LORD All-Powerful! The earth is filled with your glory.” (Isaiah 6:3 CEV) The angels of the Lord continuously praise and worship the Most High God. His glory is declared in the Kingdom of Heaven forever. Brethren, we pray that His Kingdom in Heaven be visible on earth. His Kingdom … Continue reading Power Point No. 344

Power Point No. 343

December 2018

The LORD will bring about justice and praise in every nation on earth, like flowers blooming in a garden. (Isaiah 61:11 CEV) The spread and increase of the Children of God is likened to a garden which springs up flowers and vegetation when watered with rain. God will pour the last rain in the land … Continue reading Power Point No. 343

Power Point No. 342

December 2018

You, the source of my life, showered me with kindness and watched over me. (Job 10:12 CEV) Our Good Lord has granted us the breath of life and the opportunity to live and to enjoy it. We were made not as plants and animals nor other living things, but as humans, created after His image … Continue reading Power Point No. 342