Power Point No. 103

April 2018

He set his people free and made an eternal covenant with them. Holy and mighty is he! (Psalms 111:9 GNB) The Covenant of Love was established when Jesus died on the cross. The anointing power of the blood He shed on the cross washed away our sins and made us holy. We were consecrated to … Continue reading Power Point No. 103

Power Point No. 102

April 2018

The LORD saved me from death; he stopped my tears and kept me from defeat. (Psalms 116:8 GNB) Lazarus, Jesus’ friend, was sick and dying. Martha and Mary, Lazarus’ sisters sent word to Jesus so that He may heal him. When He came, Lazarus was already dead for four days, buried in his tomb. Jesus … Continue reading Power Point No. 102

Power Point No. 101

April 2018

My power and my strength come from the LORD, and he has saved me. (Psalms 118:14 CEV) Look how God loves us. From the lifeless dusts of the earth, He held us in His powerful hands and formed us. He gave us life. He imparted us His strength. He gave us the power to live … Continue reading Power Point No. 101

Power Point No. 100

April 2018

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; his power may never be searched out. (Psalms 145:3 BBE) Who can read the mind of God or trace His ways? Who can determine the things of God or the limits of His might? They are: higher than Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, which … Continue reading Power Point No. 100

Power Point No. 99

April 2018

LORD, you have made our nation grow, enlarging its territory on every side; and this has brought you honor. (Isaiah 26:15 GNB) Everything that God does reflect His great power and wisdom. He does things to show His eternal glory. He saved us in a very unique way that only He can do. We were … Continue reading Power Point No. 99