Footprints No. 245

  • September 1, 2016

“Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.” Luke 6:36 NKJV

There are many who believe in God, but most do not really know who God really is. Knowing God is to understand His Godly character. You will not know Him unless He reveals Himself to you and experience Him first-hand. God is love. God is Holy. God is merciful and so forth and so on. God is perfect. We have all been partakers of His kindness, of His love and of His mercy. As the elect Sons and Daughters of God, we are to reveal Him to the world. This is a great task delegated to us. It may seem impossible. However, we have to abide by it and live by it for His honor and glory. We can do it for God is with us. We can do all things because He strengthens. We are anointed by His Spirit to direct and teach us how. The greatest of His command is to love Him and our fellowmen. The greatest test of this Godly character is to love our enemies. Our enemies are those who hurt us, abuse and do us evil in body and soul. We are bleeding and hurting inside/out. The description of an enemy fits you and me when we were sinners. But then God loved us. He gave His whole self, not only His other cheek. He not only walked a mile but walked with the cross. He gave himself for our salvation. If He did this to us, we should do it to others. Let us give ourselves for the good of others even to our enemies. Let us be the perfect image of God in the world. God wants us to be 100% Christians to present Him to the world. We cannot be acceptable if we are half Christians and half Sinners. Our witnessing is worth nothing if we are not transformed in living by His Words. Live in the light and be the light. Raise your torch up high and lighten up this darkened world.

MP Hiel

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