Gold Dusts3

Gold Dust No. 198

  • July 17, 2019

said to me: “If you follow my teachings and keep them in mind, you will live. (Proverbs 4:4 CEV)

King David prepared his son Solomon to be his successor as King of Israel and for the great task of building the Temple of Jerusalem. He did not let his ministers teach Solomon the ways and means of governing the nation, of molding his character to lead and decide but involved himself as a parent to personally inculcate in his son the knowledge and principles he has learned from the Lord. He has given Him his written works for Solomon to read, meditate on and do wholeheartedly. The words of God that was most important for David, which he kept and treasured in his heart and his mind, were given to Solomon to guide him as lamps to his feet and light to his mind. The words of God when followed faithfully lead to a life of peace, security, prosperity and happiness. Solomon in keeping the words of God became the wisest king. What he had was a higher knowledge, divine and heavenly. Desire to have the words of God to hear and keep in our hearts and mind. Do them faithfully and live successfully.

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