History: Church in Marikina

  • June 19, 2017


In the year 1956, God did great deeds for the Gospel to spread in Marikina. There was a father and daughter who lived in Marikina namely Bro. Gregorio Victoria and his daughter Sis. Carmelita Victoria – Nepomuceno. Both of them have the habit of attending Service Worships every Sunday at Central Temple that was then located at Old Torres, Tondo, Manila. There was a time when they attended the worship service when God made Elder Salvador Payawal to notice them and made him realize that it is already time to spread the Gospel throughout Marikina. Elder Salvador Payawal immediately submitted a recommendation to Elder Teofilo Ora who was the Church Bishop that time to launch evangelization programs in Marikina to which he immediately agreed with.

Elder Salvador Payawal


Just a few days passed by, through the help of God, Elder Salvador Payawal started to preach the Gospel through Pulong Proganda (propaganda meetings) at Sta. Elena, Marikina City. The first fruits of the evangelization were five souls namely Bro. Isabelo De Casa, Sis. Rosario Barlis, Sis. Lydia Barlis, Bro. Felizardo Sampang, and Bro. Victor Nepomuceno. Because of the brethren’s persistent preaching of the Gospel leaded by Elder Salvador Payawal at Jesus Dela Peña, Sta. Elena and Daang Bakal, the number of those who were called in Marikina continued to increase and multiply.

Back then, the worship services were held in the house of Bro. Victor and Sis. Carmelita Nepomuceno. Worship services were also held in different houses owned by Sis. Orang (mother of MK Abdias), Bro. Francisco Gamad, and Bro. Sitong (Benedicto Gabriel). Due to the continuous victory of the Church, the Church Administration decided to build a chapel in Marikina.

Year 1960, the benediction and consecration of the chapel located at Virginia Street, Manotoc, Sto. Niño, Marikina City took place. The Deacons that time were Bro. Francisco Gamad, Bro. Ruben Estanislao, and Bro. Benedicto Gabriel with Bro. Felizardo Sampang as the secretary and Bro. Matias Cariño the treasurer.

Elder Teofilo Ora officiating the Chapel Dedication in Marikina


The Chapel in Marikina became the center of the Church activities for the province of Rizal. The Church Admnistration appointed it to be called the Division of Metro Manila- B. Through the Church Administration, God ordained a number of missionaries and ministers there to be instruments to further propagate the Gospel.



The ministers who administered and lead the brethren in Marikina in doing the mission of the Lord were Elder Jesse Padilla, the deceased General Bishop, Elder Neziah (Gamaliel Payawal), Elder Gabay (Macario Bautista Jr.) and Elder Hiel, the current General Bishop of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus.

In the last years of the 1980’s, the chapel was seized and taken away by those who separated from the Church. Although the Most Holy Church had the full rights to keep it, Elder Neziah (Gamaliel Payawal), the General Bishop that time, decided to let them take it to avoid the violence those who separated from the faith may do to the brethren. Because of what happened to the Church that time, the venue for the worship services was brought back to the houses of distinct church members.

The victory of the enemy became his great failure because what happened just paved the way for the Church to spread in different places in the province of Rizal for the next number of years. Elder Hiel (Isagani Capistrano), who was then the Auxiliary Bishop and appointed Division Minister of Metro Manila- B, together with his Assistant Division Minister that time, Elder Cristiano (Juanito Belisario) launched the extensive evangelization programs like Kampay Agila in Marikina, Quezon City, Antipolo, Laguna, Cavite and Batangas.

Current General Bishop, Elder Hiel (right of the pulpit), served as District Minister in Metro Manila – B


Year 2015, the current General Bishop, Elder Hiel, decided that the Minhah (in Hebrew is “gift”, a certain amount the Church members give to the Church every year to use in different projects) for 2015 and 2016 shall be used to build a chapel in Marikina.

Through the effort of every church member from different places, the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus once again has a chapel in Marikina City. This time, we can be sure that this chapel will never be taken away and will always be dedicated as a place to worship and proclaim the name of the only one and true God, Christ Jesus.

The new Marikina Chapel

June 14, 2017, the inauguration for the new chapel located in Elizabeth Street, Sta. Teresita Village, Malanday, Marikina City took place. It was the same day when the assembly of the members of the Operations Committee was held.

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