Let Us Pray 2

Let Us Pray No. 183

  • July 2, 2017

“For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Psalms 84:10

Abba, our wonderful God, how lovely is your House, for in it we come to your presence and realized the amazing gift you have bestowed in us, to become your children and heirs of the unsearchable treasures in heaven. You are at the center in our assembly and we earnestly desire to gaze upon the beauty of your holiness as we worship you in spirit and in truth. Because of your holiness that encompasses us, we see your countenance that stirs our spirit. We find true joy and happiness far greater than anything this world offers. In your house which is your Most Holy Church, we have you and all your words, precepts, laws, counsels that enlighten and enliven us. They guide and direct us. Your Most Holy House is our shelter in the midst of storms in our lives. We are at peace knowing that you are our shield that secures us no matter how swift and sharp the fiery attack of our enemies. Dear Abba, we do not ask you to give us worldly prosperity, richness and fame if our glory of being your children would be at stake. It would be better for us to die than have someone or something deprive our honor as your children. Lord, we pray, ask and seek that we may dwell in your house all the rest of our lives to completely behold your glorious face when we reach the full sanctification of our souls. Amen.

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