FP No. 001

  • January 1, 2016

Welcome to the Acceptable Year of the Lord! I am happy to share with you our daily meditation in words of the Lord entitled… FOOTPRINTS. January 1Footprints No.1As for the saints who are on the earth, “They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” Psalms 16:3 NKJVThe God we serve is an excellent God. We worship and praise His Holy name because we know that His deeds are amazing, wonderful and great. The heavens and the earth, and all of His creations reveal His character. His works are outstanding. By our standards, it is unimaginable and incomprehensible. It is heaven and earth. It is vast as the oceans which seem to be of no end. We have experience Him when we were saved. His love is excellent. His ways are greatest. He was known to be an impersonal and incommunicable God of Heaven from eternity. But He came to us in the flesh to live with us, be with us, to show His greatest love. He proved to be a loving, personal and desirable God. He saved us in an excellent way. A Divine God showed humility. He was obedient until His death. He was faithful in every way in doing His mission of redeeming the sinners. From the manger to the cross, He gave us an example to follow His footsteps to gain for ourselves the glory which He has. We are His Disciples taught and trained for the good works. In fact, we were created, or shall I say, designed and made to do good works. So, you and I, the chosen people of God can live an excellent life of servitude just like Him. We are a peculiar people. We are different from the people of the world. Their values are different from us. They love the world and find happiness in the things of the world which do not last. They live according to the desires of the world. They live a wasted life. God does not delight in them because they give no importance to the gift of life God has given them.God delights in His children. We are His children. We are chosen to declare His glory to all mankind. We are to live to do good works. We are to obey Him faithfully. Excellence in service is our aim so that God will be delighted. We are to stay focus in reaching for perfection, for excellence. How? Do everything for the love of God, with all of our hearts, mind and strength. Will God be happy if I do this or that? If the answer is “NO” don’t do it whatever the cost is. If the answer is “YES”, then do it with all your might for His glory.

Shalom po


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