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Power Point No. 106

  • April 16, 2018

With your mighty arm, LORD, you will strike down all of your hateful enemies. (Psalms 21:8 CEV)

How can you fight against God and win? How can you go against His sovereign will? It is like you are kicking a very sharp object or pricking the pupil of your eye – you will be the one to suffer. Therefore, I urge you brethren to abide by the will of God. Trust in Him. He is so powerful that He can make anyone bow down and kneel before Him. He will destroy the wisdom of the wise. He will render useless the strength of the mighty and nullify the philosophies of the great philosophers. He will bring down the proud and raise the humble and exalt the meek and bless the poor. Cooperate with God. Unite with Him in all aspects of your life and be blessed.

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