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Power Point No. 116

  • April 26, 2018

I blessed him with a full life, as I had promised, and he kept his part of the agreement by honoring me and respecting my name. (Malachi 2:5 CEV)

El Berith, the Covenant of Love, was sealed by God when His blood was shed on the cross. It brought great blessings of peace and everlasting life. Before, we were separated from Him by the wall of sins we have committed against Him. Because of those sins, we were under a curse and were sentenced to the capital punishment of eternal death. But because of the Covenant He initiated for our sake, though we are undeserving, He loved and saved us. He pulled down the wall of sins that separated us. He became our God and we became His special people. He forgave us and paid for our sins with His blood. He died instead of us. His death gave us life. He became a friend who gave His life for our sake. He devoted us to be Kings and Priests to Him. What great honor He gave us! Let us celebrate and offer our thanksgiving for His Agape. Be there on Thanksgiving Day! Saints, there should be no excuses.

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