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Power Point No. 120

  • April 30, 2018

God will rescue me; he will save me from the power of death. (Psalms 49:15 GNB)

Through your Most Holy Faith, God is able to heal you! The blind man said, “Lord, let me see. Heal my blindness”. Jesus said, “Believe and you shall see”, and his eyes were opened. Do you believe that God can heal you of your sickness, mend your broken heart, restore your family relationships, break the curse of poverty, and solve your problems? Do you also believe that God can give you happiness, peace, and joy? Do you have faith that He is able to save your soul from the bondage of sin, from a bad habit, and weakness of spirit? Believe and it shall happen to you. Implore God through supplications and prayers and you shall receive more than what you asked for. Pray without ceasing. Pray without doubting God’s power. If you humble yourself before God, pray and seek Him and delight in His presence. Then, from your wicked ways, He will hear you, forgive your sins, and heal you. That’s a promise!

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