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Power Point No. 132

  • May 12, 2018

God has every right to exercise his judgment and his power, but he also has the right to be very patient with those who are the objects of his judgment and are fit only for destruction. (Romans 9:22 NLT)

The Most High God has the absolute power to render judgment to all. He is full of wisdom and righteousness – no one can question His decision. He is the Creator who can do as He pleases to His creation. He also has the right to have compassion and can render mercy and grace to sinners like us. His righteousness is not being compromised because He chose us, forgave us of our sins, and pardoned us from punishment. In addition, He even glorified us – giving us the honor of being His sons and daughters. Brethren, God gave us more than that: we were chosen as a Royal Priesthood, Kings and Priests to Him. The more we receive from God, the more we should love Him. Do you greatly love God? You should, more than anybody and anything else!

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