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Power Point No. 136

  • May 16, 2018

“Then the greatest kingdom of all will be given to the chosen ones of God Most High. His kingdom will be eternal, and all others will serve and obey him.” (Daniel 7:27 CEV)

Oh my soul, enjoy the privileges of our calling. Our mind cannot fully understand how great the divine blessing given to us is. As kings, we have the power and the authority to conquer all those that are enemies of the cross. As kings we are blessed to give blessings to our subjects. As Priests, we bring people to Christ. We offer praises, gifts, souls, and ourselves especially to God as sacrifices that pleases and honors Him. It is the will of the Most Holy God that we are called “MOST HOLY” because we are devoted to serve and honor Him by obeying Him. Let us now commit ourselves to God knowing that He committed Himself to us – He gave His life for you and me.

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