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Power Point No. 138

  • May 18, 2018

Our LORD, you always do right, and you make the path smooth for those who obey you. (Isaiah 26:7 CEV)

God is righteous. He knows the way to safety and success. He shows us the way where we should all walk in obedience to His commands. He built a highway called the Holy way. The wicked cannot travel in that highway. The proud and the self-righteous cannot find this way. The Holy way was constructed only for those who are humble, faithful, and wise to follow the way of the Lord. God walks in this highway too. If we walk in the Holy way, we walk with God. When we walk with God, we cannot go astray. We will reach our final destiny, the promise of abundant life. Let us stay in the path of the righteous. See that every step of the way is towards life and the joy of life. Praise God today for a good life.

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