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Power Point No. 147

  • May 27, 2018

The LORD answered, “I can do anything! Watch and you’ll see my words come true.” (Numbers 11:23 CEV)

What troubles you? Are you in danger? Do you need help? Are you in difficult times? Are you lonely? Confused? Brothers and sisters, I urge you to pray with me now. Abba, Father, we glorify Your holy Name for You have saved us from eternal death and transferred us to eternal life. We praise You for Your great and unconditional love. We ask You, Father, to give us the strength and the courage to face and overcome our present difficult circumstances. Provide us, Lord, the wisdom for us to fully understand Your will that we may accept them in all humility. Guide us with Your words of truth that we may not stumble nor fall while we traverse these difficult times. We believe that Your love still abounds in us and that these things will come to pass. This we pray through the Church, Amen. Brothers and sisters, witness the saving power of our Living God.

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