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Power Point No. 192

  • July 11, 2018

He is giving to the tired one power; and to the one without dynamic energy he makes full might abound. (Isaiah 40:29 NLT)

God refreshes our souls when we are weary and tired. He provides spiritual strength for us to keep on pushing forward in the face of difficult circumstances in our lives. He clears our minds to understand and see, not the narrow path of despair but, the wider road of hope and blessings. We have to depend on God for power to overcome all adversities. With all humility, let us seek God and implore Him on the guidance and strength, to do what is right, that we greatly need. Walk with God. Hold the right hand of God with your most holy faith and you can face all with His comforting voice, direction, and strength. Remember, when we are weak, we are strong because God gives us the power to win.

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