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Power Point No. 222

  • August 10, 2018

I celebrate and shout because of my LORD God. His saving power and justice are the very clothes I wear. They are more beautiful than the jewelry worn by a bride or a groom. (Isaiah 61:10 CEV)
The Prodigal Son came home after a life of sin. He was repentant and desired to be with his father even to be just a slave and not as a son. However, his father forgave him and received him lovingly. He was bathed and clothed with a robe and a ring of an heir. The father then hosted a celebration for the return of his son. We can imagine how grateful and happy the son was. We can all relate to the fate of the prodigal son. We were forgiven of our sins and were delivered from a riotous living. Our Father, by His grace, saved us and received us as heirs of His Kingdom. We were baptized, clothed with white robes of holiness, and trusted with His precious name. Celebrations followed in heaven and on earth. The angels sang praises and the Church shouted for joy in adoration to the Holy One. Today, with one heart and one voice, let us worship the Lord.

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