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Power Point No. 258

  • September 15, 2018

The LORD your God will make you the leader among the nations and not a follower; you will always prosper and never fail if you obey faithfully all his commands that I am giving you today. (Deuteronomy 28:13 GNB)

Be loyal sons and daughters of the Most High God. Obey our Father. As Children of the Most High God, we are heir to His Kingdom. His kingdom shall have dominion in heaven and on earth. Even now, God rules in the Kingdom of men. He has power over them. He establishes kings and queens and removes them as He desires. Everything that happens in the kingdom on earth has His permission. Events and things are now being arranged to fulfill the eternal plan of God, the salvation of men, the establishment of the Kingdom of God, His reign for a thousand years: all for His glory. As children of God, we shall have dominion over all peoples, tribes, and nations. Even now, we are to be proud in a good way as God’s Children. We have to be LEADERS of men. WE SHOULD LEAD THEM TO CHRIST, TO HIS KINGDOM, TO HIS CHURCH. In the society where we live, we should show the difference. We are LIGHT to this darkened world: RIGHTEOUS in the midst of transgressors, LAMBS with the wolves, and SAINTS in the sinning world. Look up to yourselves, walk heads up, and be proud of God’s calling. REMEMBER: you are HEADS and not TAILS. You should be on TOP and not BENEATH. OVERCOMERS and not LOSERS.

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