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Power Point No. 265

  • September 22, 2018

The LORD loves justice, and he won’t ever desert his faithful people. He always protects them, but destroys the children of the wicked. (Psalms 37:28 CEV)

Light prevails over darkness, righteousness over wickedness, truth over lies, and love over hatred. These are some of the winning virtues of the Saints. These traits come from God. God is light, righteous, truth, and love. These are gifts from God to help and protect us against all evils. Winners are born created in the image of God and designed to walk in the light, righteousness, truth, and love. But these traits need to be honed. Practicing them will help us win. We will not benefit from them if we do not exercise them. Suffer now in rigid training and reap the fruits of victory in the end. I encourage you to exercise daily. Walk with God.

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