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Power Point No. 284

  • October 11, 2018

Being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. (Romans 4:21 NIV)

Abraham found favor in the eyes of God. He became God’s friend. But that was after he was tested by God himself. Abraham’s faith in God did not waiver. He proved his steadfast confidence in the Lord and believed every single word God said to Him. He complied with all of God’s words. After He was tested, God promised Abraham and his seeds that they will receive the blessings of multiplication and greatness. To prove God is true to His promise, He cut a treaty called the Covenant of Love. From that time on, the promise was fulfilled. Abraham already passed away but the Covenant promise was shown to Israel, his seeds, until they turned their backs from God. God’s promise cannot be broken – His words are eternal. Heaven and earth will pass away but the words of God will stand. So, according to God’s wisdom and power, He elected US to be His Spiritual Israel. We are now receiving the Covenant blessings. Brethren, our soul know that God is true to His promise. We can see that in the lives of His people. The Church is the Covenant Nation. Believe that we shall multiply and shall be great among all nations on earth. If the Church prospers, you shall also prosper. Believe and you shall see!

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