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Power Point No. 288

  • October 15, 2018

I will teach your children and make them successful. (Isaiah 54:13 CEV)

We are God’s children born through our Mother Church, the Most Holy. As such, God does His role faithfully as our Father, providing us all that we need, materially and spiritually, and protects and saves us from our enemies, specially, those that may destroy our souls. He also teaches us the way to life and success. Our mother Church cares for us and guides us. She teaches us works that pleases our Father, Most High God, and instructs us to obey the laws and instructions of our Father. The Elders in the Church and the Ministers were given the task to oversee us grow spiritually until we are perfected in our knowledge and love for our spiritual Father and Mother, and for our brethren. There are also Abiezers who are given to us to serve and care for us while we are growing in Christ. Seek to hear the message of the Lord during Church Worship services and assemblies. Meditate on them day and night and most importantly, live by them. Surely, we shall be successful as the Children of God.

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