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Power Point No. 289

  • October 16, 2018

Show your fear of God by treating them well; never exercise your power over them in a ruthless way. (Leviticus 25:43 NLT)

With regards to the brethren who are under your authority and who have less in this life, you should treat them with respect and utmost consideration, for they are also your equal in the eyes of the Lord. Do not give them heavy burdens they cannot carry unless they are necessary for their spiritual growth and edification. Likewise, do not ask them to labor in your behalf for your personal gains and selfish motives. Remember that the Lord sacrificed for their welfare too. Respect the Lord for what He has done for every one of us by loving and caring for the brethren, as the Lord loved us. Brotherly love should be the greatest motivation in ministering to one another. Our loving relationship will then result in harmony and peace in the Church. Every one of us is given the new command: to love one another, at a new paradigm, love everybody as the Lord loved us sacrificially in giving His life for us. That kind of love is AGAPE.

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