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Power Point No. 314

  • November 10, 2018

No matter if that person is a Jew or a Gentile. There is only one Lord, and he is generous to everyone who asks for his help. (Romans 10:12 CEV)

When there is life, there is hope. We cannot judge anybody simply because he is a sinner that he will never repent and change his ways. The Gospel must be preached to everybody, especially the sinner. Sinners need to see the revelation of the Words of God, so that they may be transferred from darkness to light. Christ died for the sinners. We were also sinners who received the grace of God’s love. We were saved, not of our own doing but, by the sovereign will of God. As Disciples, we are commanded to bring the Gospel to all. Do not be selfish in sharing the Gospel of salvation to everyone. Nobody who is separated from God is too far from Him that He cannot reach. There is no great sin that He cannot forgive. Therefore, brethren, let us be generous enough to share our faith. Let us BE ONE WITH CHRIST, BRING ONE TO CHRIST, and BUILD ONE FOR CHRIST. I URGE YOU, GO AND SAVE A SOUL.

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