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Power Point No. 71

  • March 12, 2018

If any man should hide himself in secret places, I will see him, says the LORD; behold, heaven and earth are filled with me, says the LORD of hosts. (Jeremiah 23:24 Lamsa)

God is omniscient and omnipresent. Nothing can be hidden from God – not even our inner thoughts and deepest desires of our hearts. Men cannot commit sin and escape from His judgment. We cannot get away from God. No place on earth can we hide and not be seen by Him. When you are a child of God, He will seek after you. He will pursue you wherever you are, to bring you back to His arms and to His house, the Most Holy Church. He even knows what you are going through in your life. He knows what you feel, your needs and your pains. He will be there to strengthen and comfort you, and help you go through it. He also knows your plans. Commit them to Him and He will make sure you will succeed. The reason is because He loves you.

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