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Power Point No. 73

  • March 14, 2018

From the beginning to the end, thou knowest me, O LORD, for thou hast formed and laid thy hand upon me. (Psalms 139:5 Lamsa)

The mighty hand of God is on my head and blesses me. From the time He called me to serve Him until now, He provided all my needs, guided my thoughts, established my steps, strengthened my hands, and preserved my heart to do His will. I am humbled to be so close to Him that He knows me well enough to consider me as deserving. My iniquities and my weaknesses, He knows fully well, and still, His mercy and grace abound in my life. My soul fully understand that I am just a vessel of God, a channel by which others may receive His love. I pray that God may continue to use me as an instrument for His glory.

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