UNITE IN A CHORUS OF PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD: Mang-aawit ng Zion (Choir of Zion) Conference 2017

  • June 6, 2017

By: Sis. Sulamita (Elisha Valerio)

Bro. Jeruel


For the first time in many years, the members of the Choir of Zion (Mang-aawit ng Zion) from different places gathered in an event which aims to upgrade them to be faithful upholders of their ministry of giving praises to the Most High God through psalms.

Officers of Agape Choir having a prayer


With the initiative of Agape Choir, the program for the MNZ Conference was constructed.


The day of the gathering came, March 24, 2017. Everyone was happy and excited. Actually, there were some who arrived very early at the venue which was at CGM Jabez Campsite, Dasmariñas, Cavite.


The long travel and scorching weather were nothing compared to the fervent spirit of every choir member who attended with their will to learn and improve their performance in their ministry.

Some choir members having fun


From the opening remarks delivered by Elder Cristiano

Elder Cristiano opening remarks


up to the Gospel delivered by Elder Regem,

Elder Regem delivering the Gospel


everyone felt the abundant blessings and what great honor it is to be a part of the Choir if Zion. “It is a pleasure to be a part of the Choir of Zion.”  Excellent and Committed MNZ for the Excellent and Committed God –  the title of the Gospel that encouraged the choir members not to be stagnant in their ministry but to increase their performance level, to love their ministry and to be fruitful in holiness.


Although they perform altogether during church major events, this gathering greatly helped to further unite the heart of every choir member to each other.


It was the time for them to know and greet each other. With the help of the Most High God, everyone was able to cope up with every part of the program.


Everyone enjoyed dining, dancing and singing together.


“Narito ako, isang sakdal na Mang-aawit ng Zion. Tapat na magpupuri sa Kataastaasang Dios habang may buhay.” (Here I am, a perfect member of the Choir of Zion. I will faithfully praise the Most High God while I live.) In the middle of the night, gazing at the bonfire light, everyone reminisce the blessings they experienced in the past. From the psalms that serve as reminder of the great works of God in everyone’s life, these phrases are the courageous declaration by every choir member. Although they face different kinds of trials, everyone held this principle. This is the promise they will live by.


On the start of the second day of the gathering, they were reminded of the “Melody of a Choir Member”. This will be the guidelines that every choir member should follow. There were also questions about the guidelines that were answered.

Sister Deliah Vashni coaching other choir members about vocalization


They were taught how to properly sing. Altogether they sang, altogether they learned. They did all these to improve their skills and level of performance.

Sister Diadema preciding the question and answer portion


“Narito ako, isang sakdal na Mang-aawit ng Zion. Tapat na magpupuri sa Kataastaasang Dios habang may buhay.” (Here I am, a perfect member of the Choir of Zion. I will faithfully praise the Most High God while I live.) Despite of being under the scorching sun, every sweat and every teardrop, some were even wounded, everyone wholeheartedly accepted this challenge. They continued to yell these phrases because this is the commitment of every choir member. This is the agape of a member of the Choir of Zion.


“Aside from the gladness and fellowship created in this gathering, did we achieve our goal?” This is the question of the General Bishop, Elder Hiel, to all choir members. A loud “Opo” (yes) answered all. At the end of the gathering, the instruction of Elder Hiel: “Sing to the Lord each and every day, cleanse your hearts to be able to sing with a holy voice before the holy God.”

General Bishop, Elder Hiel delivering the final reminders


Because of the restored strength, rekindled spirit, every member of the Choir of Zion is prepared to sing not only on the Thanksgiving celebration for the centennial year of the Church but up to the stage of heaven.


Choir members sticking their pictures as a symbol of their pledge that they will be part of the Perfect 1000 choir members on the 100th Anniversary of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus




(Credits to: Godward Magazine)

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